Plastic Injection

Motecsa manufactures all types of parts through plastic injection procedure in diverse materials, from the most usual to the most technical materials, in order to adapt them to the exigencies of our clients.

In addition, we adapt the color or colors to the material needed in order to manufacture the chosen item.

Our injection machines are prepared to all kinds of thermoplastic (POM, PA, PP, PE, PS, PC, ABS, PBT, SURLYN, etc …).

We have a wide range of automated machinery from 50 tn up to 300 tn.

We develop packaging with different shapes and sizes: from small components to larger packaging with a weight range of 3 g to 800 g.

inyeccion plastico piezas motecsa

Motecsa performs the parts both from the customer’s molds, and from molds designed by its own technical team.

We have a clean room, specially designed to obtain low levels of contamination.

An internal mold workshop allows us to adapt quickly to the productive needs of our customers.

Due to an injection machine management system (mt-factory), we make efficient planning of the production and verification of data in real time. We have absolute control of productive process.

Motecsa offers an integral management of the projects: from the design to the injection of part with special finish.

We offer a support service concerning the injection  mold design, pieces and materials to look for the more suitable parts taking into account the specifications of our client.

Our lastest generation machinery and sophisticated software guarantee success for our customers

inyeccion piezas plastico motecsa

MOTECSA offers a complete project management.

plastic injection motecsa graph

Please herewith our photos gallery concerning the plastic injection process. Click in each picture to view more details.