Motecsa continues to improve in quality, safety and efficiency 🥇


Motecsa, in its commitment to improve processes both in security, quality y eficiencia, we have

It has achieved the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate, which certifies the improvement and innovation to be a reference in the activities of Manufacture of components of plastic transformed by injection, for perfumery, cosmetics and other sectors.

Among our Quality projects and the actions that Motecsa pursues, are focused on:

· Include suppliers in the quality strategy, to have the highest quality products.
· Support possible innovations to improve processes.
· Achieve full customer satisfaction, focusing our efforts on customer satisfaction, through creative, competitive and quality solutions.
· Continuously improve the level of competence of staff based on training, awareness, knowledge, motivation and experience are the features that define our staff.
· Continuous improvement, pollution prevention and optimization of energy consumption seeking the maximum possible respect for the environment.
· We promise to comply with all legal requirements, and the requirements of our clients.
· Meet our relevant stakeholders.

Calidad UKAS

Our employees are part of our Our staff is part of the quality system and therefore we have very clear objectives for equip that makes up Motecsa:

  • Teamwork. Synergy as a basis for achieving a common goal, sharing information and knowledge, working efficiently and effectively in the execution of projects.
  • Each of us identifies with business ethics, such as professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty and confidentiality.
  • Each worker will strive to identify and eliminate sources of failure and waste in our processes and procedures.
  • Each member of the company will collaborate in the achievement of quality and in the efforts of improvement of others for the good of the company as a whole, as well as those concerning the safety of the Product.

Thanks to the effort and perseverance to achieve the objectives set, MOTECSA has obtained a new certification, which guarantees our experience, quality, safety and synergy in Motecsa.

Download our quality management in PDF