The metallization of Packaging & Accesories

Motecsa proposes the best metallization with the best quality for our customers.

The cosmetics sector is a dynamic and demanding sector, which values the aesthetic aspects and the quality of the finishes. Metallization is an essential process to obtain a unique product.

Due to the high vacuum chambers, Motecsa metallizes any type of packaging and accessories for the cosmetics and perfumery sector, in all types of materials, colors and shapes, always offering the highest quality.

So we can metallize all kinds of pieces in plastics (ABS, PP, PCTA, PC, Surlyn, etc …) and Glass, regardless of shape, geometry and dimensions. We obtain a range of original and striking finishes.

The metallisation of plastic part protected by a special laquering allows the marcability of the part and an importat hardness.

motecsa metalizacion

Due to our high vacuum chambers and a continuous system in the metallization line we achieve productions of up to 150,000 pieces / day.
With the vacuum metallization process, both technical and decorative objects are obtained with an aspect brighter, perfectly reflective, metallic in appearance and of various colors. In addition with the high resistance of the surfaces, a durable decorative appearance is obtained over time.

Please see our gallery concerning the metallization of packaging and assesories, click in each picture to have more detail