Material Lacquering

Colors and sensations make the packaging a unique piece. We decorate all kinds of plastic, metal or glass pieces.

We offer high quality lacquered and painted finishes in the full range of colors, shine and textures.

We make lacquering and painting of plastic (ABS, Polypropylène, SURLYN, Bakelite,), aluminium and glass parts.

We get all finishes: bright, nuanced, soft, to offer what the product needs. The difference is not only seen, it is also perceived to the touch.

The lacquering in the perfume and cosmetics packaging is the key to obtain an unique and exclusive piece.

We elaborate colors for each client: we make colors using the color codes of the most global and extended charts like RAL, National Color System (NCS), Valentine, Pantone, etc …

lacado materiales alta calidad